Missed Opportunity

May 31, 2011

So, this past week I applied for a position as a writer for a great fantasy baseball site – RotoHardball. It is one of the sites I check frequently for fantasy baseball insight (along with RotoGraphs) and, generally speaking, is a quality site. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut – they hired a metric ton of new writers, but I wasn’t one of them.

On the bright side, the managing editor was very kind and very enthusiastic about my submission, and offered to consider me if a slot opens up in the future. There’s a medium on SBNation sites for prospective writers to post their own pieces – and I’ll probably try to work on a couple of pieces there.

One item that might’ve counted against me was a lack of content that I’ve generated about fantasy baseball. While I’ve posted specifically about ottoneu’s picksix game, as well as my own fantasy team – I haven’t developed a lot of generalized fantasy content. I drafted a piece specifically for my RotoHardball application (something about waiver-wire second basemen to fill in for Howie Kendrick), but I obviously need more reps writing short, clear, clever fantasy baseball content. I’ll continue to try and work on this as the year goes on.


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